Customer Testimonials

"I got my order yesterday - everything was PERFECT! Capt. Young did a great job with the inscription - I am really pleased. You guys are the best - thanks again!"

--Scott T., GA

"I picked up my poster yesterday!! It's terrific!! I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It took me a full ten minutes to get it out of the box because it was boxed up like a vault.
Thank you very much for looking after it these past few months. I am absolutely delighted with it."

--Paul C., CO

"I really appreciate your attention to the details. I am excited to see my Young items; thank you for watching over them for me."

--Gary M., PA

"I received my John Young signed/framed panorama print--it was in great condition and it is just spectacular!! Thanks to all the fine folks at Novaspace for your hard work and great customer service."

--Donna C., OK

"I'm VERY happy with my Novaspace order and the Young items turned out better than I had hoped. You guys really do run a top notch organization . . . nobody else comes close."

--Mark J., WI

"The autograph is what I have wanted for nearly 26 years (since the 1st flight of space shuttle), and it is really wonderful and impressive! Thank you for your professional work and providing me this opportunity."

--Sumio M., Japan

"Great job on the John Young signing. My item arrived in the usual bulletproof package (Took me me 15 minutes to open). I also enjoyed the Q&A posted on the website."

--David W., NM

"I'm a fledgling space collector who just got on Novaspace's mailing list within the past six months or so, and did my first business with y'all for the McDivitt custom signing. I got my signed book back and could not possibly have been more pleased with your service or the overall experience."

--Scott K., FL

"Thank you, Kim, Sally, and everyone else at Novaspace for doing such a great job and making this such a pleasant hobby to get into, and more particularly, for your excellent work on my first (but certainly not last) order."

--Scott K., FL

"Just a quick note to say I received my Frank Borman autograph today. This is my 1st purchase through Novaspace and I'm very pleased with the way my purchase was protected during shipment. Thanks."

--Mark O., IN