Apollo 12

That's How it Felt...

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...To Walk on the Moon" One of Alan's early prints done by The Greenwich Workshop in the mid 80s, this sold out in 1998.

Every artist does a self-portrait, and this one tries to answer the question most asked of the twelve moonwalkers: "What was it REALLY like...?" This painting was worked and reworked until the artist felt satisfied with the feeling he was trying to emote.

This work is a personal favorite of the artist and sure to become a classic opus in the Alan Bean portfolio.

Only one available, framed 20x28 image, 26x34 framed. Edition 850 sold out prints .

Archivally framed in mauve/teal/dark blue acid-free mats, with a purple pewter aluminum frame, & elegant non-glare UV plexiglas.

Price: $675.00


Certificate of Authenticity provided.Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

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