Gemini 4 Special Lowering Tool Plaque

The Gemini gantry lowered itself before launch to rest on the ground. On GT-4 the gantry went to 45 degrees and stopped several times. They finally traced the problem to a circuit breaker. Grumman engineers came up with a simple solution: A broomstick was obtained, sawn in half, which provided a well-insulated circuit breaker closer. Two Grumman engineers held the circuit breaker closed with the broomsticks and the gantry went all the way to the ground permitting launch of the spacecraft. This is one of the two halves of said broomstick mounted on a plaque and given to Jim McDivitt. The other half is owned by the estate of Ed White, Jim's co-pilot. Grumman engineers loved these gag gifts and presented the pilots with them when they returned. COA signed by Jim McDivitt.


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