Dave Scott Private Signing

Dave Scott doesn't make it to the states very often. He is content living in England, and comes over briefly a couple times per year. He has chosen Novaspace exclusively to handle his autograph requests and sell his flown items since late 1999.

He will be coming to our gallery in late February 2002, but this will not be a public event. Dave flies to the U.S. and does a custom signing like this for us once a year or so. You are encouraged to mail in items for signing (subject to restrictions below)

Dave Scott is a relatively rare signature, missing from many collections. The price schedule is below. Return shipping and insurance is included for USA shipments, for flat items under 1 pound.

You'll need to notify us if you'd like an order form. ALL ITEMS MUST INCLUDE AN ORDER FORM.

If everything here is acceptable to you, send an email to us saying simply 'SEND SCOTT FORMS" We should have your address on file. We can also fax them for overseas customers. We strongly recommend you be reachable through email. In fact those with email are the only ones we have notified.

FEB 22, 2002

Archival-quality unsigned photos available
sepia not available

  • Suggestions of pen color, placement, or personalizations will be honored.
  • Sorry, no inscriptions, other than mission inscriptions (example: Apollo 9 CMP)
  • No baseballs, baseball caps, clothing, non-space related items. Ask us if unusual.
  • Mr. Scott and Novaspace reserve the right to reject any item.
  • Limit of 5 items unless other arrangements are made
  • Dave is also very skittish about endorsing or authenticating anything other than his own flown stuff.
  • Mr. Scott doesn't like photos taken of him signing specific items. We'll try to snap some general shots to prove he was actually here and for the COA.

Fee schedule for mailed-in memorabilia

Base price per autograph (books, photos, art)$160
Personalizations (i.e. "to Tom Smith")+$10
Mission inscription, "CDR"+$10/mission
Postal covers, philatelics$175
Beta cloth items$175
Silver or gold pen signature+$15
Multi-signed items (three or more signatures already)$200
Apollo 9 completion item$200
Apollo 15 completion item$250
Gemini 8 completion item$275
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