Jim Lovell 2003 -- Custom Signing

at Novaspace Gallery

Jim Lovell was a guest of Novaspace for his second visit here, November 8 & 9, 2003. His last visit was April of 2001. He flew into Phoenix, rented a Town Car and drove the 2-hour trip to Tucson.

Jim was bright-eyed, energetic, nimble and talkative. He seemed genuinely happy to see us. Hard to believe he's 75 now.

We started in on the signing right away. The most unusual items were a flown locker panel from Apollo 13, and a custom-made NASA cowboy boot.

We received more than three times as many items as usual, with many first time customers and a heavy international demand from overseas. We worked Saturday evening and then went out for a Mexican food dinner. Capt. Lovell was very friendly and talkative, telling us about his duties and history of the restaurant, Lovell's of Lake Forest while sipping a margarita. After dinner, we reviewed the remaining items, and decided to re-commence at 9AM on Sunday.

9AM found us again in the gallery's "moon room," working on the massive horde of items. Mr. Lovell was more conscientious than most, making sure to read the post-it notes, and sometimes overruling pen type and location for something he felt would look better. We broke for a brief lunch and went back to work until afternoon.

Before leaving, we spent some time in my office, showing off our astro-auction, which he had inquired about at dinner the previous night. Reviewing the boxes of items from the Cernan Garage Sale, and prices realized, he was eager to add his 'junk' to the mix. He assured us he has an equal amount of knick-knacks and unique items he'd love to auction.

It was a great visit. Some photos are below.

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