Jim Lovell 2001 -- Booksigning Report

at Novaspace Gallery

The Jim Lovell book signing at Novaspace on April 6 & 7, 2001 was the best yet. Mr. Lovell came to Tucson specifically to sign books and memorabilia for us, and was not part of a national tour. Jim's wife Marilyn also came along, and signed books at the VIP Friday event. The Saturday event was open to the public.

At the VIP Friday event, folks flew in from almost every state, and even a few from Europe. The second signing was held the afternoon the next day, and was open to the general public, mostly locals from Tucson or Phoenix, or VIPs who couldn't make it the previous night.

We had a large tent, under which was set up endless food, an ice sculpture, surrounded by fresh shrimp. We also had the traditional wine and cheeses, cakes, sweets, and some magnificent deviled eggs. The weather was delightful, with rain the night before cooling us to a perfect 65 degrees.

Several of our artists were in attendance.

In contrast to most celebrity booksignings where the customers often do not even make eye contact with the person signing, and are offered a few seconds, Jim spent a few minutes with each person: chatted, and graciously posed for photos with our photographer. (Complimentary photos and negatives were sent to all the VIP attendees.) Collector and modelmaker Tracy Kornfeld provided a scratch-built Saturn V model which sat on the signing table and was included in all the photos.

VIPs were also given souvenir tote-bags, and the door prizes included several signed Lovell items.

Two large telescopes were set up Friday night by the local astronomers, and one solar-viewing telescope was set up Saturday afternoon for viewing of the sun. We also had Lunar rock samples on display from Dr. David Kring and the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary lab. Jim spent two days signing the mountain of memorabilia sent in. We had to rent the store next door to put it all under lock and key. We had the usual photographs and covers, books, but also unusual items like a lithium canister, models, and a Navy flight helmet.

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