Michael Collins Signing - July 2019

UPDATE July 22: The signing took place today. With only two weeks left before Spacefest, we will be extremely busy packing and preparing for the show, so will not be able to ship all of the Collins orders until after Spacefest, but will ship what we can before then. Thank you for your patience.

This July marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, and the first humans to walk on the Moon! Apollo 11's Michael Collins signs exclusively for ASTRONAUT CENTRAL. He rarely leaves his South Florida home, but is coming back to Tucson because of popular demand. He will sign your mailed-in items privately at our office in July. Deadline for receiving all orders and items at Novaspace has been extended to Monday, April 15, 2019.

Collins' autograph is an extremely rare commodity. He does not answer requests by mail, and very rarely makes public appearances, award presentations, or crew reunions. Our annual mail-in signings and Spacefest shows are the only way to obtain Collins' unquestionably authentic autograph!

If you want an autograph, it's easy! Simply decide what and how you want your item signed, fill in the order form, send it to us by the deadline, and we'll return your goods with a fresh, authentic signature. Each custom-signed item includes a free, printed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) noting the date it was signed (but no description of the item). If you want more authentication, you can add a digital Photo of Authenticity (POA), showing the astronaut holding YOUR signed item, emailed to you about 3 to 4 weeks after the event.

We can also email, send, or fax the order form to you - contact:

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