Gene Cernan

Bruce McCandless

Signing at NOVASPACE September 2004

Capt. Gene Cernan Gemini 9, Apollo 10, Apollo 17, was the last man on the moon. As the only man to fly the Lunar Module twice on Apollo 10 the "dress rehearsal" for Apollo 11, and again for the final moon landing of Apollo. He has spent more time on the moon and in lunar space than anybody on Earth.

Capt. Bruce McCandless, II was also chosen as an Apollo astronaut in 1966, but never flew on Apollo because of cancellation of the program. He spent many years developing the MMU (manned maneuvering unit), which allowed a man to fly freely, untethered to his spacecraft. He was the first to fly the MMU on STS-41B, the Challenger space shuttle, in 1984. He also was on the crew of STS-31, the launch of the Hubble space telescope. The photos of him flying solo in his MMU are some of the most often seen images of the shuttle era.