Frank Borman Signing - September 2016

Gemini 7 and Apollo 8 mission commander Frank Borman is coming back to ASTRONAUT CENTRAL in Tucson. He will sign your mailed-in items privately at our office in September. Deadline for receiving all orders is Monday, August 29.

Col. Borman is a "cold warrior." His goal was to beat the Soviet Union to the moon. He didn't care about the science or glory; his overriding concern was winning. After the Apollo 1 fire threatened to halt the program, his testimony before Congress saved the program. He became the Manager of the Apollo redesign team, showing the type of style that would land him as the CEO of Eastern Airlines later. The spacecraft was completely re-engineered in a little over a year. Borman was rewarded by personally beating the Soviets to the moon.

It's easy! Simply decide what and how you want your item signed, fill in the order form, send it to us by the deadline, and we'll return your goods with a fresh, authentic signature and a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

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