August 1, 2009


Moonwalker-artist Alan Bean will join us for a intimate Mexican buffet at the Hilton El Conquistador Resort in Oro Valley (NW Tucson), 10000 N. Oracle Rd. Saturday August 1, from 3PM-9PM in the Coronado Ballroom. Attendance will be limited to 100.

Before and after the meal Alan will be signing his two new coffee-table books, PAINTING APOLLO, published by Smithsonian Books, and 2) MISSION CONTROL, THIS IS APOLLO, a children's book (actually aimed at OLDER children, but will appeal to ALL ages.) published by Viking Juvenile, written by old friend Andrew Chaikin, and illustrated by Alan Bean.


Saturday, August 1. The booksigning will begin at 3PM, with the buffet at 6PM.


The scenery at the resort is spectacular, nestled up against Pusch Ridge, which almost glows at sunset. Golf and tennis abound, and are what this resort is known for. If you wish to stay late or come early and see the sights (or attend the public booksigning Sunday) the off-season rate for a luxurious room is only $99. Call 800-325-7832 and give the discount code ABS.


To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first moonlanding in 1969, his own flight, Apollo 12 the same year, and Alan's art exhibition "Painting Apollo" now showing at the National Air & Space Museum, through Jan. 2010. We usually do booksignings (Bean, Lovell, Cernan, Aldrin, Schmitt) at the store under a tent, but this is summertime, so we've elected to do it indoors at a fancy hotel. We'll have art & memorabilia from Bean and others on display, for sale.


First, get Saturday off work. If you're driving down from the north (Phoenix, Flagstaff, Fairbanks...) Take the shorter scenic route: US 60 (Superstition Frwy) east to Florence Jct., then south to Tucson. just before getting here, you'll come to the resort. For those flying in, fly to PHX, then take the 15 minute flight on US AIR to Tucson if you can't get a direct flight.


Only $49. Again, Attendance will be limited to 100. The Sunday public booksigning is FREE, from 12-6PM. Books for attendees both days are $40 for "Painting Apollo" and $24 for "Mission Control..." Alan will sign and personalize the books for free.

Dress Code

None. We suggest casual attire for poolside lounging.


You should reserve a seat and your books by July 20 (the moon landing anniversary.) We had to ration books at our last book signing, and ultimately ran out prematurely. Reserving by July 20 will insure you'll get books, by giving us time to order more.


We have a professional photographer, and complimentary photos of you, Alan, and the book, Like THIS. (but with a better backdrop.) You are welcome to bring your own camera, too. We'll also have Starizona set up with a large telescope by the pool for solar and sunspot viewing during the day, twilight and dark-sky viewing.

Alan Bean Booksigning

Pusch Ridge
Pusch Ridge
El Conquistador Resort, Coronado Ballroom
El Conquistador Resort, Coronado Ballroom
Hilton El Conquistador Resort
Hilton El Conquistador Resort

Call 800-727-6682 or
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