Buzz Aldrin Signing

September, 2003

Buzz Aldrin is our best-selling autograph. As the only signing member of the Apollo 11 crew, he is deluged with autograph requests, and raised his signing fee to $250 for a plain autograph, in order to stem the tide somewhat. NOVASPACE has negotiated a much lower fee schedule for a private signing of mailed-in memorabilia.

This is not a public event, mailed-in memorabilia only


See below.

PLEASE read this before you ask any questions. Some topics might not be covered, but we're a small operation, and we have many pieces to process, get signed to your specifications and get back to the right people. If you have a concern or non-covered question, we will be happy to answer, Prices are at the bottom of this page


We have only had a couple of complaints with our custom signing service, out of hundreds of satisfied customers. We cannot guarantee your satisfaction with placement, as we are not in complete control here, but we do our utmost to get it right. Remember, items sent directly to some astronauts can get lost, damaged, smeared, or otherwise messed up, and you must accept some risk.

5 Item Maximum

There is a five item limit, unless other arrangements are made. This signing is meant for collectors. No duplicate items.


USA Shipping is included with the price for flat items under one pound. Boxed items or books must get a quote, include prepaid waybill or include credit card number.

Right of Refusal

Col. Aldrin reserves the right to refuse to sign your piece. We will make sure you get a refund or aren't charged should this occur. We are clearing unusual or controversial requests through Mr. Aldrin ahead of time, so we minimize last-minute refusals.

Third Party Authentication

None of the astronauts we have had so far will sign flown items from a third party. This implies endorsement and authentication. Unless it's from the astronaut's own PPK, they are reluctant to sign.

Post-it Notes

We encourage the use of post-it notes to mark locations, ink color, orientation and special instructions in addition to the information you include on the order form. Post-it notes work great on most items, but stick permanently to inkjet prints, so be careful.


We can provide unsigned copies of our photos, $13 for an 8x10, $50 for 16x20. See HERE for avaiable photos. You might also take a look at our POSTERS and have Col. Aldrin sign one of the moon, Apollo, or other.


You can send your own pens, but we do this a lot, so we have every kind of sharpie, fine point, regular on hand, as well as metallic pens in broad or fine point gold or silver. If there's a pen you need to specifically match, send it along.


Friday, September 12 is the drop-dead deadline. We will start accepting shipments immediately. If you have an unusual item that needs Mr. Aldrin's approval, we strongly suggest letting us know early.

Order Forms

Download and print Buzzform.pdf OR Email us or call 800-727-6682, and give us your address. We can also email or fax forms.

**We will take a photo of Buzz signing your item(s.) for $50 ea., put it on a special COA, and send you the digital .jpg file.

1-800-727-6682 FAX 520-292-9852

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