Jim McDivitt's Flown Flags

Country Flags ..... State Flags
Framing .... Photos of Signing

If you've ever wanted a flown flag, but couldn't afford it, now's your chance! Some of these are under $1000, far less than their value.

Flown flags from Gemini flights are particularly rare but Jim carried a number of American flags, (some of which are held in reserve) a range of state flags, and an almost complete set of foreign flags from the historic Gemini 4 mission (something not so far seen from any other Gemini flight).

From Apollo 9 we have American flags (again, some held in reserve), including much sought-after larger size (11x18) flags, and a small selection of states and foreign flags.

Jim has signed the flags "FLOWN ON (mission), JIM McDIVITT"... Professional Framing is also available.

Jim has already given out some states and countries during his travels.