Pioneer and Apollo Astronaut Autographs

Elegant Museum-Quality Framing

When you purchase a genuine astronaut-autographed photo from Astronaut Central, the best way to preserve it is to have us archivally frame it for you. Indeed, it is better to have your photo in OUR custom framing than to do it yourself or get "stock" standard sized frames in wood or cheaper metal. It is better NOT to have your photo framed at all than to have it in substandard framing, which will eventually damage it.


  • A beefy non-tarnishing, durable, anodized black aluminum frame. The finish on these frames is chemically bonded (anodized) to the metal, like chrome on a car hubcap or bumper. Wood frames can chip, the corners are fragile and will break in shipping or moving, the wood can warp or bow so that they will hang unevenly from your wall and torque the contents inside. Our frames never warp.
  • ACID-FREE mats, mounting and backing. Regular mats will eventually discolor, and bleed acidic material onto your photo, causing staining and brittleness.
  • The finest UV plexiglass, which blocks 98% of fading UV rays, is colorless, removes glare, is lightweight and resists scratching. Glass can break in shipping or moving (or earthquakes) and can mutilate a photo. Glass only stops less than 50% of UV rays, and has a color-cast of yellow or green.

  • The second, circular 'window' cut for the mission patches is something a lot of frame shops CAN'T EVEN DO. They have to send it away to have done, at a healthy markup to you. Many second-rate framers just glue a patch onto the mat, then crush it against the glass. Our patches are recessed from the plexiglas, for an elegant, accented display.
  • Our professional custom framing is designed to last a lifetime with no damage to the photo. We are a professional art gallery with over 60 years experience between our staff of three framers. Our goal is to make your custom-framed collectible a beautiful and lasting addition to your home, office, or boardroom.

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