Pioneer and Apollo Astronaut Autographs

Care and Maintenance

In order to preserve the beauty of your new purchase, some care needs to be taken. Please carefully consider lighting. Ideally an overhead track light or lights totaling about 150 watts is best. Avoid hanging your print or photo across from a strong lighting source, such as a picture window, as this will cause glare and may prematurely fade the piece. If there is a window, try to make sure it is not reflected (north) light, as this light is bluer and contains more UV rays. Harsh fluorescent lighting is not recommended as it will cause fading.

If your item was framed by us, plexiglass is used. Being plastic, special care needs to be taken to assure no scratching or marring of the surface. The finest plexiglass has been used, which costs many times more than regular glass. It protects from fading UV light better than glass, is lighter and has almost no coloration, as with glass, and is of course safer and shatter-proof. To clean, use a soft cloth with a mild detergent solution. DO NOT USE AMMONIA BASED CLEANERS. Do not dust or clean with a dry paper cloth, as this will scour the surface. An anti-static fun or dryer cloth with eliminate the static.

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