by Michael Collins

Florida, watercolor, Apollo 11,astronaut Michael Collins original art work

This is the fourth in a series of paintings inspired by Mike's safari to Tanzania in 2016. Warthogs eat by getting down on their front knees, which is part of why Mike is fascinated by these creatures. A golden-maned warthog bows to eat, while another watches warily from a raised outcrop of rock. A pale moon hangs in the sky. 15x11 image.

Mike Collins' rare signature is worth over $350 alone and his autograph and original watercolors are available exclusively from ASTRONAUT CENTRAL.

Framed in saddle brown silk/chocolate acid-free mats and a 7/16" chocolate aluminum frame, with non-glare UV-blocking plexiglas. 21x17 framed.

$1695 (framed as shown)

Watercolor on watercolor paper
Image 15x11.....Framed 21x17
Call 1-800-727-NOVA to purchase, or for more information.
(AZ residents charged 8.7% sales tax)

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