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Autographed books by Alan Bean, Mike Collins, Andrew Chaikin, Francis French, Colin Burgess, Jim Lovell, Joe Engle, Al Worden, and others, plus many unsigned books, too!


The complete US Space Shuttle program from the earliest
days through the very end is documented in this
three-volume set, with slipcase, that features 1,584
pages filled with over 1 million words and nearly 4,000
photos and line drawings. 2017 winner of the prestigious
National Aviation Hall of Fame Combs Gates Award!
Book - Signed                 $149.95
Space Shuttle:
Developing an Icon
Dennis Jenkins
This classically styled, chilling murder mystery about an
expedition under the ice of Jupiter's ocean moon Europa,
is backed up by the latest scientific findings on this
icy satellite. The science fiction premise explores real
possibilities of exploring other bodies in the Solar
System, including probing their possible astrobiology.
Book - Signed                 $19.99
Europa's Lost Expedtion
Michael Carroll
All of us are mesmerized by the possibility of other
Earth-like worlds out there. Author and artist Michael
Carroll asks the tough questions of what the expected
gain is from identifying these Earth analogs spread
across the Universe and the reasons for studying them.
Potentially, they could teach us about our own climate
and Solar System. Also explored are the more remote
options of communication between or even travel to these
distant yet perhaps not so dissimilar worlds.
Book - Signed                 $24.99
Earths of Distant Suns
Michael Carroll
This scientific novel intertwines a solar-system murder
mystery with the scientific realities of Titan's climate
to entertain and intrigue readers. The views from Titan's
Mayda Outpost are spectacular, but all is not well at the
moon's remote science base. On the shore of a methane sea
beneath glowering skies, atmospherics researcher Abigail
Marco finds herself in the middle of murder, piracy and
colleagues who seem to be seeing sea monsters and dead
people from the past. This story provides thrills,
excitement and mystery - couched in the latest science -
on one of the Solar System's most bizarre worlds,
Saturn's huge moon Titan.
Book - Signed                 $19.99
On the Shores of
Titan's Farthest Sea
Michael Carroll
The outer Solar System is rich in resources and may be the
best region in which to search for life beyond Earth. In
fact, it may ultimately be the best place for Earthlings
to set up permanent abodes. This book surveys the
feasibility of that prospect, covering the fascinating
history of exploration that kicks off our adventure into
the outer Solar System.
Book - Signed                 $34.95
Living Among Giants
Michael Carroll
This book provides an overview of the science of planetary
atmospheres and weather patterns of other planets and
moons in our Solar System and how we learn about them.
Book - Signed                 $39.95
Drifting on
Alien Winds
Michael Carroll
Michelle Evans has written the definitive book on the
popular X-15, which was a precursor and a test bed for
the space shuttle, and it had many heroic pilots,
including Neil Armstrong and Joe Engle.
Book - Signed                 $150.00
The X-15 Rocket Plane
Michelle Evans
Signed by Joe Engle
Infinity Beckoned illuminates a critical period of space
history when humans dared an expansive leap into the
inner solar system. With an irreverent and engaging
style, Jay Gallentine conveys the trials and triumphs of
the people on the ground who conceived and engineered the
missions that put robotic spacecraft on the heavenly
bodies nearest our own. These dedicated space pioneers
include such individuals as Soviet Russia's director of
planetary missions, who hated his job but kept at it for
fifteen years, enduring a paranoid bureaucracy where even
the copy machines were strictly regulated.
Book - Signed                 $36.95
Infinity Beckoned
Jay Gallentine
Near the end of the Apollo 15 mission, David Scott and
fellow moonwalker James Irwin conducted a secret ceremony
unsanctioned by NASA: they placed on the lunar soil a
small tin figurine called "The Fallen
Astronaut," along with a plaque bearing a list of
names. This book enriches the saga of mankind's greatest
scientific undertaking, Project Apollo, and conveys the
human cost of the space race - by telling the stories of
those sixteen astronauts and cosmonauts who died reaching
for the moon.
Book - Signed                 $36.95
Fallen Astronauts
Burgess & Doolan
Signed by Burgess
The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest
man-made structure to orbit Earth and has been conducting
research for close to a decade and a half. Yet it is only
the latest in a long line of space stations and
laboratories that have flown in orbit since the early
1970s. The histories of these earlier programs have been
all but forgotten as the public focused on other,
higher-profile adventures such as the Apollo moon landings.
Book - Signed                 $37.95
Outposts on the Frontier
Jay Chladek
As command module pilot for the Apollo 15 mission to the
moon in 1971, Al Worden flew on what is widely regarded
as the greatest exploration mission that humans have ever
attempted. He spent six days orbiting the moon, including
three days completely alone, the most isolated human in
existence. During the return from the moon to earth he
also conducted the first spacewalk in deep space,
becoming the first human ever to see both the entire
earth and moon simply by turning his head. The Apollo 15
flight capped an already-impressive career as an
astronaut, including important work on the pioneering
Apollo 9 and Apollo 12 missions, as well as the perilous
flight of Apollo 13.
Book - Signed                 $85.00
Falling To Earth
Worden & French
Signed by both
True Tales of Nazis in Orbit, Soldiers on the Moon,
Orphaned Martian Robots, and Other Fascinating Accounts
from the Annals of Spaceflight
Book - Unsigned               $18.00
Amazing Stories
of the Space Age
Rod Pyle
50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World
Book - Unsigned               $16.99
Women in Science
Rachel Ignotofsky
Our Story of the Cold War Space Race
Book - Unsigned               $26.99
Two Sides of the Moon
Scott & Leonov
Retired astronaut Clayton Anderson takes readers on an A to
Z flight through the alphabet from astronaut and blastoff
to spacewalk and Zulu Time. Topics cover the history of
NASA, science, and practical aspects of being an
astronaut using fun poems for each letter paired with
longer expository text in the sidebars. Perfect for
science buffs, budding astronauts, and astronomy lovers
of all ages.Illustrated by Scott Brundage.Suggested
Interest Level: Age 6 - Age 9.Suggested Reading Level:
Grade 3.
Book - Signed                 $16.99
A is for Astronaut
Clay Anderson
From his early career as a fighter pilot and experimental
test pilot, through his NASA training and Gemini 10
spacewalk, to piloting the Apollo 11 command module the
made possible mankind's historic first lunar steps,
Michael Collins has been a pioneering aviator and
astronaut. He is also - as this memoir amply demonstrates
- a gifted writer.
Book - Signed                 $245.00
Carrying the Fire
Michael Collins
This is a Commemorative Edition of "Lost Moon" by
Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger, re-titled and released for
the 30th anniversary of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission.
This book was the blueprint for the blockbuster motion
picture of 1995 starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron
Howard. A gripping book about a thrilling adventure.
Sixth printing. Lovell signed these while here in 2017.
Book - Signed                 $325.00
Apollo 13
Jim Lovell
This Haynes Manual describes a truly unique vehicle - part
car, part spacecraft - from its uncertain gestation in
the 1960s through its ultimate engineering design and
build challenges, to its extraordinary off-road drives
through the rugged lunar highlands in the 1970s, when the
lives of six human beings depended on it. The absorbing
text focuses on the Lunar Rover's engineering, design and
operation, and is supported by many technical drawings
and stunning images from the rich NASA photographic
Book - Signed                 $32.95
Lunar Rover Owners'
Workshop Manual
David Woods
NASA's Gemini space flight program followed on from the
pioneering Mercury missions that put the first US
astronauts into space. The Gemini spacecraft was an agile
flying machine for fighter pilots, which gave the US the
tool it needed to fly into space, and in doing so
prepared NASA to travel to the Moon. In a breathless
series of 10 manned flights spread across only 20 months
of 1965 and 1966, Gemini propelled NASA from being a
tentative, inexperienced space agency to a tough,
competent, and confident organization that could send
astronauts to another world. This manual celebrates this
important spacecraft with a thorough look at the
technologies and techniques that were developed for the
program during its heyday.
Book - Signed                 $36.95
Gemini Owners'
Workshop Manual
David Woods
This new and expanded edition of the bestselling How Apollo
Flew to the Moon tells the exciting story of how the
Apollo missions were conducted and follows a virtual
flight to the Moon and back. New material includes:- the
exploration of the lunar surface;- more illustrations;-
more technical explanations and anecdotes.
Book - Signed                 $40.00
How Apollo Flew
to the Moon
David Woods
What's it like to travel at more than 850 MPH, riding in a
supersonic T-38 twin turbojet engine airplane? What
happens when the space station toilet breaks? How do
astronauts "take out the trash" on a spacewalk,
tightly encapsulated in a space suit with just a few
layers of fabric and Kevlar between them and the
unforgiving vacuum of outer space?
Book - Signed                 $40.00
The Ordinary Spaceman
Clay Anderson
In October 1968 Donn Eisele flew with fellow astronauts
Walt Cunningham and Wally Schirra into Earth orbit in
Apollo 7. The first manned mission in the Apollo program
and the first manned flight after a fire during a launch
pad test killed three astronauts in early 1967, Apollo 7
helped restart NASA's manned-spaceflight program.
Book - Signed                 $24.95
Apollo Pilot
Eisele & French
Signed by French
First Man by James Hansen offers the only authorized
glimpse into the life of America's most famous astronaut,
Neil Armstrong--the man whose "one small step"
changed history. When Apollo 11 touched down on the
moon's surface in 1969, the first man on the moon became
a legend. In First Man, Hansen explores the life of Neil
Armstrong. Based on over fifty hours of interviews with
the intensely private Armstrong, who also gave Hansen
exclusive access to private documents and family sources,
this "magnificent panorama of the second half of the
American twentieth century" (Publishers Weekly,
starred review) is an unparalleled biography of an
American icon.
Book - Unsigned               $20.00
First Man
James Hansen
He walked on the Moon. He flew six space missions in three
different programs--more than any other human. He served
with NASA for more than four decades. His peers called
him the "astronaut's astronaut."
Book - Unsigned               $22.95
Forever Young
Young & Hansen
How do we get to Mars? Why are we going? What happens when
we get there?
Book - Signed                 $30.00
Leonard David
At first glance, it looks like just another auditorium in
just another government building. But among the talented
men (and later women) who worked in mission control, the
room located on the third floor of Building 30 - at what
is now Johnson Space Center - would become known by many
as "the Cathedral." These members of the space
program were the brightest of their generations, making
split-second decisions that determined the success or
failure of a mission. The flight controllers, each
supported by a staff of specialists, were the most
visible part of the operation, running the missions,
talking to the heavens, troubleshooting issues on board,
and, ultimately, attempting to bring everyone safely back
home. None of NASA's storied accomplishments would have
been possible without these people. Interviews with
dozens of individuals who worked in the historic
third-floor mission control room bring the compelling
stories to life.
Book - Signed                 $44.95
Go, Flight!
Houston & Heflin
Signed by both
The first in a series of twelve books, the "Outward
Odyssey" series edited by Colin Burgess, detailing
human efforts in the exploration of space.
Book - Signed                 $22.95
Into That Silent Sea
French & Burgess
Signed by French
Celebrated astronaut and best-selling author Buzz Aldrin
reflects on a lifetime of adventures and achievements and
what he has learned through it all. Aldrin shares
little-known stories with New York Times best-selling
author Ken Abraham and highlights 13 principles that have
shaped and guided his eventful life.
Book - Unsigned               $22.00
No Dream Is Too High
Buzz Aldrin
Having spent the last 15 years assembling high resolution,
seamless panoramas from the Apollo Missions, Mike
Constantine has compiled over 50 stunning panoramas into
one book, "Apollo: The Panoramas". Each
panorama spans a full double page spread, and includes
almost every panorama captured on the lunar surface, as
well as pans captured from the LM windows and the stand
up EVA on Apollo 15.
Book - Unsigned               $65.00
Apollo: The Panoramas
Mike Constantine
From the exploration of new planets to understanding the
universe around us; from building and testing a rocket to
analyzing data from spacecraft that allow us to
monitoring the Earth's environment; from using satellites
that help the world communicate to researching and
employing the latest cutting edge technologies that
benefit space and Earth alike - a career in the space
industry might be for you! The space and satellite
industry has careers for people interested in
engineering, space science, astronomy, astrophysics,
remote sensing, environmental monitoring, communications,
software, and electronics, as well as for policy
analysts, lawyers, accountants, tourism, and financial
professionals. Space Careers is designed to provide
students and job seekers the information they need to
succeed. No matter if you are in high school, in college,
a graduate student, or in the workforce... Space Careers
will provide you with information you need to find or
further your career.
Book - Signed                 $20.00
Space Careers
David & Sacknoff
Signed by both
Legendary "space statesman" Buzz Aldrin speaks
out as a vital advocate for the continuing quest to push
the boundaries of the universe as we know it. As a
pioneering astronaut who first set foot on the moon
during mankind's first landing of Apollo 11, and as an
aerospace engineer who designed an orbital rendezvous
technique critical to future planetary landings, Aldrin
has a vision, and in this book he plots out the path he
proposes, taking humans to Mars by 2035.
Book - Signed                 $26.00
Mission to Mars
Aldrin & David
Signed by David
From small-town southern girl to space traveler, Rhea
Seddon experienced a life that was on a trajectory of its
own from an early age. Dr. Seddon's memoir, filled with
color photos, inside stories of life with NASA and more,
gives readers a first glimpse into the space program that
has never been revealed through the perspective of a
woman astronaut. Let this story of one American woman's
personal journey inspire you to reach amazing heights of
your own.
Book - Signed                 $60.00
Go for Orbit
Rhea Seddon
Thousands of workers labored at Kennedy Space Center around
the clock, seven days a week, for half a year to prepare
a mission for the liftoff of Apollo 11. This is the story
of what went on during those hectic six months.Countdown
to a Moon Launch provides an in-depth look at the
carefully choreographed workflow for an Apollo mission at
KSC. Using the Apollo 11 mission as an example, readers
will learn what went on day by day to transform partially
completed stages and crates of parts into a ready-to-fly
Saturn V. Firsthand accounts of launch pad accidents,
near misses, suspected sabotage, and last-minute changes
to hardware are told by more than 70 NASA employees and
its contractors. A companion to Rocket Ranch, it includes
many diagrams and photographs, some never before
published, to illustrate all aspects of the process.
NASA's groundbreaking use of computers for testing and
advanced management techniques are also covered in
detail. This book will demystify the question of how NASA
could build and launch Apollo missions using 1960s
technology. You'll discover that there was no magic
involved - just an abundance of discipline, willpower,
and creativity.
Book - Signed                 $44.99
Countdown to
a Moon Launch
Jonathan Ward
Jonathan Ward takes the reader deep into the facilities at
Kennedy Space Center to describe NASA's first computer
systems used for spacecraft and rocket checkout and
explain how tests and launches proceeded. Descriptions of
early operations include a harrowing account of the
heroic efforts of pad workers during the Apollo 1 fire. A
companion to the author's book Countdown to a Moon
Launch: Preparing Apollo for Its Historic Journey, this
explores every facet of the facilities that served as the
base for the Apollo/Saturn missions. Hundreds of
illustrations complement the firsthand accounts of more
than 70 Apollo program managers and engineers.
Book - Signed                 $39.99
Rocket Ranch
Jonathan Ward
Breaking the Chains of Gravity looks at the evolving roots
of America's space program - the scientific advances, the
personalities, and the rivalries between the various arms
of the United States military. After the Soviet launch of
Sputnik in 1957, getting a man in space suddenly became a
national imperative, leading President Dwight D.
Eisenhower to pull various pieces together to create the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Book - Signed                 $27.00
Breaking the Chains
of Gravity
Amy Shira Teitel
The untold story of an eccentric, scientific visionary
whose death-defying research saved millions of lives.
Sixty years ago, cars and airplanes were still deathtraps
waiting to happen. Today, both are safer than ever,
thanks in part to one pioneering Air Force doctor's
research on seatbelts and ejection seats. The exploits of
John Paul Stapp come to thrilling life in this biography
of a Renaissance man who was once blasted faster than a
.45 caliber bullet across the desert in his Sonic Wind
rocket sled, only to be slammed to a stop in barely a
second. The experiment put him on the cover of Time
magazine and allowed his swashbuckling team to gather the
data needed to revolutionize automobile and aircraft
design. But Stapp didn't stop there. From the legendary
high-altitude balloon tests that ensued to the ferocious
battles for car safety legislation, Craig Ryan's book is
as much a history of America's transition into the Jet
Age as it is a biography of the man who got us there
Book - Signed                 $17.95
Sonic Wind
Craig Ryan
The new Outward Odyssey book chronicling the space shuttle
program from the Challenger tragedy through the program's
finale.  Foreword by Jerry Ross, a record holder with
seven flights, who was with the program from inception to
Book - Signed                 $39.95
Wheels Stop
Rick Houston
Pascal Lee is the chairman of the Mars Institute, and a
Planetary Scientist at the SETI Institute (Search for
Extraterrestrial Intelligence). This is a glossy,
colorful training manual for budding Mars explorers aged
8 to 88. The American Association for the Advancement of
Science (AAAS) awarded Mission: Mars the 2015 AAAS/Subaru
Prize for Excellence in Science Books in the Middle
Grades category. Published by Scholastic. 48 pages,
8"x10" softcover book.
Book - Signed                 $9.95
Mission: Mars
Pascal Lee
This book explores the various ways in which the human race
could be rendered extinct by astronomical phenomena. It
covers various astronomical events, such as asteroid
impacts, supernovae explosions, solar flares and gamma
ray bursts. Plait explains the science behind each event
and the odds of it occurring in our lifetimes. More
interesting ways to die.
Book - Signed                 $25.95
Death From the Skies
Phil Plait
(Outward Odyssey series) This award winning book tells the
story of the robotic, unmanned exploration of the solar
system 1958-1977 from the perspective of the men and
women who designed and built them.
Book - Signed                 $39.95
Ambassadors from Earth
Jay Gallentine
This marvelous book by Gene Cernan covers his entire
astronaut career, from his hellish first flight on Gemini
9 to Apollos 10 and 17. Hardcover copies are no longer
available from the publisher, but we have some left, so
this is your best chance to get a hardcover edition.
Book - Unsigned               $30.00
Last Man on the Moon
Gene Cernan
The grandaddy of all space art books. Originally published
over 30 years ago. It has been updated and redone three
times with latest data, pictures and stunning art by
Hartmann and Ron Miller. A must-have.
Book - Signed                 $19.95
The Grand Tour
Wm. K. Hartmann
Lavishly illustrated with photos, paintings, and pull-out
maps, this book points out exotic landscapes and
interesting features all over the Red Planet, with their
history and geology. Reads like a travelogue.
Book - Signed                 $18.95
A Traveler's Guide to Mars
Wm. K. Hartmann
This is a lavishly illustrated, insightful, and highly
readable presentation of the Apollo missions. Design is
aimed at the Middle School age group. Grades 5-8. Ages
9-13, Information appeals to ALL ages.
Book - Signed                 $195.00
Mission Control: This is Apollo
Alan Bean
Signed by Bean
This volume is subtitled "Choosing and Preparing
NASA's Lunar Astronauts" and is written by the
prolific Colin Burgess, editor of the ambitious Outward
Odyssey series. (So far, 12 books on different aspects of
mankind's push into space.) This book traces the
selection and training of the second and third groups
that made up the bulk of Gemini and Apollo astronauts.
Book - Signed                 $34.99
Moon Bound
Colin Burgess
The second in a series of twelve books, the "Outward
Odyssey" series edited by Colin Burgess, detailing
human efforts in the exploration of space.
Book - Signed                 $35.00
In the Shadow of the Moon
French & Burgess
Signed by both
This is a children's book that tells the story (from the
beginning) of how Aldrin came to be a moonwalker.  Tough
to find. HARDCOVER edition.For kids 6-10.
9"x11". Lavishly illustrated.
Book - Unsigned               $15.95
Reaching for the Moon
Buzz Aldrin
Another in the groundbreaking series "Outward
Odyssey", edited by Colin Burgess, detailing human
efforts in the exploration of space. Foreword by Apollo
12's Richard Gordon
Book - Signed                 $39.00
Footprints in the Dust
Colin Burgess, ed.
 A beautiful book. Andy and wife Victoria have collected
and assembled obscure quotes, conversations, and photos
from the 24 men who visited the moon. Fascinating.
Book - Signed                 $35.00
Voices From the Moon
A. Chaikin, V. Kohl
Signed by Chaikin
Paul Gillebaard's brilliant debut novel is a magnificent
tale of seemingly doing the impossible, sending an
American back to the
Book - Signed                 $25.95
Moon Hoax
Paul Gillebaard
Hugo award winner Blue Mars takes its title from the stage
of terraforming that has allowed atmospheric pressure and
temperature to increase so that liquid water can exist on
the planet's surface, forming rivers and seas. It follows
from the end of Green Mars and has a much wider scope
than the previous two books, covering an entire century
after the second revolution. (Wikipedia)
Book - Signed                 $9.95
Blue Mars
Kim Stanley
Having spent over 150 days on his first tour of the
International Space Station, it's safe to say that
Clayton C. Anderson knows a thing or two about space
travel. Now retired and affectionately known as
"Astro Clay" by his many admirers on social
media and the Internet, Anderson has fielded thousands of
questions over the years about spaceflight, living in
space, and what it's like to be an astronaut. Written
with honesty and razor-sharp wit, It's a Question of
Space gathers Anderson's often humorous answers to these
questions and more in a book that will beguile young
adults and space buffs alike.
It's a Question of Space
Clay Anderson
Inevitably, there are times in a nation's history when its
hopes, fears and confidence in its own destiny
appear to hinge on the fate of a single person. One of
these pivotal moments occurred on the early morning of
May 5, 1961, when a 37-year-old test pilot squeezed
himself into the confines of the tiny Mercury
spacecraft that he had named Freedom 7. On that historic
day, U.S. Navy Commander Alan Shepard carried with him
the hopes, prayers, and anxieties of a nation as his
Redstone rocket blasted free of the launch pad at Cape
Canaveral, hurling him upwards on a 15-minute suborbital
flight that also propelled the United States into
the bold new frontier of human space exploration. This
book tells the enthralling story of that pioneering
flight as recalled by many of the participants in
the Freedom 7 story, including Shepard himself, with
anecdotal details and tales never before revealed in
print. Although beaten into space just three weeks
earlier by the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, Alan
Shepard's history-making mission aboard Freedom 7
nevertheless provided America's first tentative
step into space that would one day see its Apollo
astronauts - including Alan Shepard - walk on the Moon.
Freedom 7
Colin Burgess
The "Friday Pilots" are a group of 15-20 retired,
former military pilots, who meet for lunch every Friday
in Tucson, AZ, sharing laughs and lore (some true). This
is a book of first person stories written by 20 of these
"old" pilots (including Apollo 9 astronaut, Jim
McDivitt), those who flew the old airplanes in the old
Air Force. These are personal stories of growing up in a
different America, their lives before political
correctness, back when airplanes were dangerous, but
flying was fun. Each pilot has contributed a chapter to
this book.
The Friday Pilots
Jim McDivitt, 19 others
Signed by McDivitt
& 18 Others
Autobiography of Col. Joe Kittinger, who's 1960
record-setting parachute jump from 102,800 feet remained
unbeaten for over 50 years. Kittinger continued his Air
Force career, flying combat missions in Vietnam, and
spent 11 months as a POW after being shot down. In 1984,
he made the first solo balloon crossing of the Atlantic.
In 2012, he assisted Felix Baumgartner in beating
Kittinger's 1960 parachute altitiude record. Co-authored
with Craig Ryan.
Come Up and
Get Me
Kittinger & Ryan
Signed by Ryan