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Mother Earth

by Alan Bean

"The planet Earth seemed a long way off in this scene," says Alan Bean, "because it was--about a quarter of a million miles, in fact. From the Moon, the Earth appeared as a beautiful blue-and-white marble with occasional small orange areas, which were deserts."

"The Moon itself was a foreboding place when viewed from orbit, mostly gray with stark, angular mountains and deep, rough canyons and craters. It was as if nature had pounded it again and again with a big, big hammer."

"In contrast, our Earth was beautiful--all shiny and bright. It was hard to believe that everybody I had ever known--or seen on TV--and the places they lived and played were all on that little blue-and-white marble. Even today, it's still hard to believe."


This giclee on canvas is part of Alan's "Small Works" series, a 10"x12" stretched canvas. Edition was 125. Price was $265 Now over $1900-see eBay

SOLD OUT 2009 (in one day!)

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