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Armstrong, Aldrin and an American Eagle

by Alan Bean

A 40th anniversary special edition. Although one of his first paintings as a professional artist (1983) this work has outstanding detail, realism and dramatic lighting. Inside the Moon lander are two of the nation's finest, Neil Armstrong, who cheated death twice while at NASA with his uncommon cool, and Buzz Aldrin, the Korean war hero who could work out complex, critical rendezvous coordinates in his head if the computer went out.

Together that day, July 20, 1969 they would make human history by making a breathtaking landing on the moon, and then work for a few unforgettable hours upon the surface, finally rocketing back to a rendezvous with orbiting Mike Collins and arriving safely back home a few days later, the first two men to set foot on another world.

Their lander, Eagle, with walls so thin they would easily puncture performed flawlessly, and their lower halves, including the landing feet and ladder sit undisturbed on the moon 40 years later.

This edition sold out before the publication date.

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