Pioneer and Apollo Astronaut Autographed Items

Alan Bean Artist Proof Sale

Alan receives a varying number of Artist's Proofs from the publisher. These represent a small "edition extension" (usually 10%) of the regular edition issue number. A/Ps are distributed amongst the artist, publisher, and any co-signees. Alan always gets AP#1, and the lowest AP numbers available.

As such, a small number of A/Ps are sometimes available of prints which have long since sold out of the regular edition. They are available at a premium price, because they come from the personal collection of the artist, are the lowest numbers and because they are A/Ps, sometimes are otherwise sold out, and there is a certain prestige in owning an A/P.

Alan has 25 years worth of these, and they're starting to take over the house. He'll be sending us only a few titles at a time, so as not to cause US a storage problem.

You should call us at 800-727-6682 (+1-520-888-2424 Int'l) if you're interested. Some of these will go fast.

Alan has different numbers left of different prints. He may have only ONE A/P left of a given print. He always kept A/P #1 for himself, but he's selling many of those, at a premium.

Currently Available: