Pioneer and Apollo Astronaut Original Paintings

Alan Bean Original Paintings

Actual pieces of Apollo and the moon itself make up these unique painting-sculptures. And then there is the painting itself, a historic remembrance from the first artist to visit another world.

"Human beings are wonderful but fragile creatures. To
function at all, we must have oxygen available to breathe
at sufficient pressure so that our muscles used in
breathing are strong enough to expand our lungs to inhale
that oxygen. To function best there are other
requirements too; temperature control, micro-meteoroid
protection, communications between each other and with
planet Earth to name a few, but let's talk about breathing.
Moonrunning on the
Ocean of Storms (Original)
"Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon was Apollo's
most celebrated moment. No matter what our age, those of
us on planet Earth remember exactly where we were and
what we were doing at that time. Unfortunately, there was
no one in a good position to photograph the moment.
A Giant Leap (Original)
This is one of Alan's largest paintings, done in the late
1980s. We splurged and bought it at an estate sale of an
art collector.   Canvas giclees available
American Success Story (Original)

Alan Bean Original Sketches

Alan rarely makes separate preliminary pencil sketches, but we have obtained some. These are on paper board, instead of paper sheets. All have multi-vanishing point lines, Not just one or two point perspective. Often his studio is a web of red string-eminating from his easel to walls, floor, and ceiling to get perspective just right.

Alan Bean Used Brushes