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Alan Bean Brushes

These are actual brushes used in the execution of original Alan Bean paintings. Alan inexplicably keeps his old brushes in a coffee can in a pantry. We discovered them and suggested he sign a few for collectors. Alan wants to emphasize these brushes are "dirtied up" with colors from his current pallette, but are othewise impeccably clean, even old ones.

Alan's studio is not like other artist's chaotic studios; More like a hospital OR, with tubes of acrylic colors laid out label up, according to spectral sequence, brushes laid out like dental instruments. His former studio had an expensive blue shag rug. He didn't spill a drop!

Alan Bean Used Paint Brushes







Brushes are about 13" long

Shadow box framing available
AVAILABLE FRAMED in shadow box,
with mission patch, plaque, and photo..+$475.
See Plaque
Add $175 for 8x10 autographed photo
(+brush & frame price) unsigned photo free w/framing.

Call 1-800-727-6682

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