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McCandless Attitude Hold

art by Kim Poor

Signed by Bruce McCandless 'Father of the MMU.' An Apollo astronaut who flew the space shuttle twice, one, the first test flight of the MMU, and again on the Hubble deployment mission.

(Not 'Altitude') Wearing an MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) enables astronauts to fly freely in space. In the "Attitude Hold" mode, the unit sets its gyroscopes and maintains a fixed position in space, firing its thrusters to compensate for any movement of the wearer.

This feature is handy for working on satellites, or for enjoying the view over the Gulf of Mexico, as seen here. This print is in the collections of several of the astronauts who have actually flown the MMU in space. Read more on the MMU.

The city of Houston can be seen on the Texas coastline,
along with Brownsville (near the astronaut's feet), Corpus Christi and Austin.

McCandless Attitude Hold




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McCandless Attitude Hold
McCandless Attitude Hold
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